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Besides the fact that we are Facebook ad ninjas...

Track Record Of Success 

Covering a wide range of services from consultants to brick & mortar stores, we have driven results for our clients time and time again by adding our lead generation systems to their business arsenal.
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 Over A Decade Of Knowledge

In a crowded market place we see so many "Agencies" come and go.  Our firm has been practicing direct response marketing for over 10 years...and we're not going anywhere. That decade of experience has given us a deep set of knowledge that can only be gained through time and experience.

ROI Based Campaigns

While the journey to a profitable funnel can take time, everything we create for our clients has ROI in mind. Our entire goal is to create dollar measurable campaigns that drive more revenue for your business so you can jump off that cash flow roller coaster once and for all. 

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Services That Drive Results

No matter what you need, we are here for you


Kids Activities Advertising Services

consistently generate new student prospects for your school in our Done For You Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaigns. We have a ton of experience working with Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and After School Centers throughout the US, Canada and UK



Get an entire marketing department for the price of one employee. When you become a full service client of Elite Digital Group you get an entire suite of strategy experts, copy writers, and Facebook ad ninjas at your disposal.

We'll plan, build, run, and optimize your ads daily to drive qualified traffic & prospects to your doorstep.


LAUNCHPAD - We Build It, You Run It

Perfect for those who need a winning lead generation system built for them, but don't need ongoing monthly management. We'll build everything from ads to emails and hand it over to you on a silver platter.

A Word From One Of The Masters Of Direct Response 

Dan S. Kennedy

Marketing Strategist/Copywriter. Author, NO B.S. book series

“As most people know, I have a cautious and critical attitude toward ‘social media marketing’ – in large part because most of the promoters and peddlers of it as well as the entrepreneurs and companies pouring money into it are loathe to apply tough-minded productivity and ROI measurements to it – arguing foolishly that new media cannot be held accountable by old metrics. To paraphrase one astute CEO, speaking to his younger marketing people: we can talk new metrics all you like as long as you are happy with your paychecks made out in new metrics instead of dollars. With that said, I do have clients successfully extracting dollars from social media. I have referred some to Elite Digital Group. They are getting dollar-measurable, direct response results for diverse clients.”

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