1 Quick Change to Make to Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now


If you are on LinkedIn, chances are you’ve seen the “Skills” section of your profile.


It looks like this:

Skills may seem like a waste of time, but in reality, spending a few minutes on them could bring you more prospects to contact you for services.


LinkedIn reports that those with Skills listed, show up 13x more often in searches for services on LinkedIn. With 2 Billion searches a day, this is a big deal.


So what to do?


First, you should control what skills are listed and they should be based on those that people in your niche are looking for. Do a little research with the handy dandy tool, SpyFu, to find out keywords in your niche.

Then, simply add those keywords to your profile one word at a time.


Once you’ve completed this, you are much more likely to be found by prospects looking for your expertise and you are likely to rank higher in overall SEO searches on Google.




Of course once you’ve gotten your profile ready, it is time to start attracting even more prospects. You ready? If so, join me for today’s workshop on filling your sales pipeline with LinkedIn. For more details on that, click here.

4 thoughts on “1 Quick Change to Make to Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now”

  1. Kim, I noticed that my Skills Section isn’t listed in LinkedIn.com. How can I get that set up and ask folks to provide responses to my skill section?

    Good tip. Thank you.


    1. Oops, I did find my Skills Section, but didn’t know there are buttons to push to ask for endorsements and other things hidden from most LinkedIn.com users.

  2. Kim Walsh-Phillips

    You don’t need to ask folks. Just add in your skills and LinkedIn will start promoting on your behalf for free.

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