3 Ways To Optimize Your Ads


So you launched you ads, now what?

It’s time to optimize! Optimizing allows you to get the best possible results from every campaign that you launch. When done correctly, you’ll increase your ROI, lower your ad cost and get more conversions.

However, it can be tricky and even a little nerve-wracking once you get your ads going to determine when is the right time to start optimizing.

You might be thinking…

“Do I have enough data to make a decision?”

“Has it been on long enough?”

“If I change it now, is it going to ruin things?”

This uncertainty can choke us up and lead to either A. turning them off completely or B. spending a lot of money and get little to no results.

So, before you call it quits, here are 3 things to keep in mind when you optimize:


1. Time

Facebook’s algorithm takes 2-3 days to warm up and optimize. When you’re testing multiple copy and image variations, Facebook will push the various combinations out to test what the market likes the best. The algorithm will then give weight to whatever combination gets the most clicks and will continue to push that winning ad out to the most people. When you see a clear winner, you can cut the rest.


2. Data

 Although 2-3 days is the typical length of time Facebook’s algorithm takes to declare a winner, there are other factors that contribute to this. To determine a winner, there has to be a certain amount of interest in the ads. For clicks campaigns, the algorithm typically needs to be getting a minimum of 100 clicks per week. For a conversion campaign, it needs a minimum of 50 conversions in the span of a week. If you aren’t getting enough results, it may be time to adjust the budget.


3. Budget 

When you set your budget, this will determine how fast the algorithm will be able to find identify your ideal prospect. If the cost per click in your industry is $2 each and your daily budget is only $5, you might not get enough data in to hit the 100 clicks per week minimum. If it’s day 2 and you haven’t hit the 100 clicks mark and have only spent $10, give it a little more time to let the budget spend and ramp up to that optimization mark.

Optimization is key for maintaining good results with your ads. If you set them and forget them, chances are your results will start decreasing rapidly. 

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