More companies now than ever are turning to Facebook for advertising. Out of 165 million United States-based Facebook users, 10 million of those pages are for small businesses.

By using Facebook, companies can find their perfect target audience and get their message out in front of them quickly and typically at a lower cost than other traditional methods of advertising like TV, billboards, radio spots and magazines.


Now, it’s easy to get those ads to pop up on the right people’s Facebook feeds, but how can you get people to click on your ad?


Here are a few tips to create a Facebook advertisement that compels and sells!

1. Choose standout images:

Think of this as the billboard for your ad. People tend to notice images before they even begin to read any text on the page so your image HAS to catch their attention. So, how do you choose an image that they’ll actually notice? Here are a few tips for choosing stand-out images. 

  • Choose images that DON’T look like a stock photo. (Gone are the days where we want to see someone laughing as they take a bite of their salad. Show them something real. Take a picture on your iPhone and use it.)
  • Have people in your images.
  • Use images with eye-catching colors like red, bright yellows, blues and purples.
  • Use a limited amount of text. In some cases these do really well, but Facebook limits reach on them so if you want to get in front of as many people as possible for as little $$$ as possible, just skip it or only put text on one or two images.

*It’s important to test multiple images PLUS a mix of different types of media such as images, gifs and videos to see which one resonates to your target market the best. It doesn’t hurt to try anything that fits with the overall message. 

Here are few image categories we recommend testing:

  • “Before” state image. (Shows someone struggling with the problem you solve – ex. for a dentist, show someone with a toothache)
  • “After” state image. (Shows someone happy and experiencing the outcome you provide – ex. for a dentist, show someone with a straight, bright smile)
  • Process image (ex. for a dentist, image could show someone in a dental chair)
  • Product or Hero Shot
  • A cartoon or illustration
  • A symbol or design
  • (If local) – a map/landmark in your area


2. Have attention grabbing top copy:

Have an attention grabber that calls out your target audience followed by a benefit statement that speaks to the outcome they’re seeking. Before the end of this section, make sure you tell them what they’re getting and provide them with a call to action so they know exactly how to take the next step. 

Here are a few of our favorite headlines.

Give a specific example:

“Free _______ … how we got _______ (results) in ______ (amount of time) without _________ (common problem that arises)


Ex. FREE case study… How Company Y got 2,210 new leads in 3 months without spending a penny!


Make a specific promise:

“_______ (desired action) to ________ (specific positive outcome) in _________ (specific amount of time) even if __________ (common problem that arises)

Ex. How to sign 10+ new clients to your membership program using Facebook ads in 7 days even if you don’t have a website.


Start with a question and include URL

“Want __________ (insert irresistible offer) to _________ (insert positive outcome)?

Discover _________ (insert what they are really looking for) and ________ (insert what they will gain by taking action) Click here: Insert URL

Ex. Want the secret that the most successful businesses use to attract MORE leads and close more sales?


Pro Tip – Use emojis. They are eye-catching and stand-out.


3.  Create a compelling headline:

You want this to be relatively short and attention-grabbing. It’s important to be sure to reiterate what they will be getting by clicking on the ad and taking action. This is bolded text that stand-outs and you only have a few words to get something that they’ll notice so make it count. 

Here are a few examples: 

[FREE TRAINING] 10 Ways to Grow Your Email List For Free

Get 10% The Shirt You Want (limited availability)

Enjoy a Tax-FREE Retirement

5 Things No One Tells You About Divorce


Your Facebook advertisement is one of the first things that your audience will see so it’s important to make your ads as compelling as possible in order to sell, sell, sell and bring the perfect clients in your front door.

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