“Wanna buy ‘real’ 1000 followers for the low, low price of $100?” Asks a sketchy, get-followers-fast account that slid into the DMs (direct message) of your Instagram account.

 No, I’m not suggesting you do this, although it would be nice. Most of us can agree that any time life hands you an easy button that looks too good to be true, it most often is. This Instagram follower-bot scam is too.

While the appeal of clicking a button and waking up to 1000+ new “fans” feels worth $100, getting bots to follow you can actually stunt your growth and in the long-run even jeopardize the potential of your account.


  1. Hashtags – Instagram allows you to use up to 30, so why wouldn’t you? The best method is to create a few different sets and mix it up so you’re not posting the same 30 every day (don’t worry, there are endless amounts to choose from)! You can do a quick Google search and find plenty of websites that offer hashtag suggestions or you can just do a little bit of research. See what your customers are using. See what your competitors are doing. What are the most popular ones on Instagram? Choose ones that make sense for your business and use them daily.
    *Important – treat this like you would targeting! While #picoftheday is a popular tag and a lot of people use it, it’s like targeting people who like “gaming.” But if you do #entrepreneur or #networkmarketing it’s like targeting someone who likes “World War II games on Xbox.” See the difference? The more specific and tied into your business you can get, the better chance you’ll have of attracting people that you can eventually SELL to (which is the goal, because you’re a business and businesses make money).
    **See what combo of hashtags is reaching the most people! Inside Instagram (if you have a business account set-up – it’s SUPER easy), you can click a post and see how many people saw it and how they were connected to it aka did someone share it, was it a hashtag, a profile search, etc. This is helpful to see what your most powerful method of distribution is.


  1. “Toilet” Trick – Sound gross right? But really, this got its name because I described this strategy to a business owner I work with and they said, “Oh, I don’t have ANY time in my day for that!” And I’d say, “Really? Not even 5 minutes….?” And so it became an inside joke that now you’re in on because we’re family here anyway. So, here’s the trick – Find a few people who do what you do and are already popular on Instagram. Go to their account and click on one of their photos. You’ll see ### of people liked the photo. Click on that and you’ll see a list of everyone that liked their photo. Go through the list (you don’t have to do ALL of them, just 20-30 fairly quickly), click on their profile and like one or two of their posts. If you’re feeling so compelled, leave a comment. And then go on to the next one. Why?

    .Because when someone you don’t know likes your photo, what’s the first thing you do? You click on their profile to see what they’re up to. And, you’ve already determined that they’re interested in your industry so if you’re regularly posting valuable content, they’re likely to be like “oh hey, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” and you’ll be able to grow your account with fans who are genuinely interested in your business.


  1. Stories, stories, stories. Go live. Post an IGTV show. Instagram is owned by Facebook and you know Facebook rewards people who use their new features. So the next blog post or social media update you have, get on camera and talk about to your followers. Save them to your highlights section (the little circles below your profile) so that new visitors can watch them weeks, even months after they disappear from your story. The algorithm will note you taking these actions and push your content out to more people who should see it.

Growing your Instagram doesn’t have to be a stressful, frustrating task. My only recommendation is that if you’re going to focus on growing your Instagram, really focus on it. Put in the time to publish quality content and make sure that it brings value to your audience. If you’re just slapping up any old post just to check the box, it’s likely not going to have the outcome you’re looking for and you might want to think about where you REALLY want to show up. Maybe it’s LinkedIn or it could be Facebook groups. You decide but pick one and really deliver and then if you want to be everywhere, repurpose the content.

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