5 Ways to Get More Appointments on Facebook

If you run a business that relies booking appointments to maintain your revenue stream, you know the worst thing you can see is empty spots on your calendar.

No appointments = no new money coming in.

Using Facebook, you can quickly reach out to high-quality prospects to easily fill your empty calendar with appointments. Here are 4 simple ways to get more appointments using Facebook today:

1. Add a Book Now Call-to-Action Button to your Facebook page

With over 200 million daily active users scrolling around on Facebook, this is going to be how many of your future prospects come into contact with your brand. The easiest way to book appointments from this organic or paid traffic is to make sure that your profile is optimized for viewers to easily see what the next step they need to take is.

Start by uploading a new cover photo that has a call to action to book a link. This is the equivalent of prime billboard space for your page so make sure you utilize it appropriately. Creating a cover photo with an image and text as simple as “Do you want to [Ultimate benefit they’re seeking]? Click the button below to book your session now!” will help direct interested fans to take the next step.

** Make sure the button under the call to action is updated to say “Book a Call”

2. Post Positive Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from real people who’ve tried your products or services and had a successful experience are one of the most valuable pieces of content you leverage for your social media. Social proof is extremely compelling (just look at Amazon review page!) in getting people to buy so utilize this when the chance arises.

Take a screenshot of the post (it can be from Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.) and post it to your Facebook page with a little note showing your appreciation and providing a link where people who want to know more can get in contact with you.


3. Share Your Availability

People won’t just assume you’re ready and waiting for them to stop by at their leisure, you have to tell them who you are and why they need to get in touch with you right now. Create a post sharing that you have a few spots available today. Add urgency by mentioning how many spots available or a time in which the offer will be over and they can no longer schedule.


4. Link in Your Story

Those that click on your “Our Story” page are already interested in what you do. Make sure you use this space to tell them a little more about how you can help them and tell them what step to take next. Something as simple as “To discover how you can [what you help with], book your [FREE] call with our team by clicking here: [insert link]

*Pro Tip – name your call something exciting, like the “The Profit Breakthrough Strategy Session”



5. Run a Targeted Ad Campaign

Put your promotion in motion! You know what your prospects need and want, so creating an ad campaign that puts your irresistible offer in front of them is the FASTEST way to get new appointments on your calendar.

WARNING: MOST people do this wrong. Here’s why:

The key to creating, launching and scaling these successful ad campaigns using Facebook is all about 2 factors – nailing down your message and zeroing in on your ideal prospect. If you don’t do both, your ads are destined to fail.

The good news is, after 10+ years (and thousands of dollars worth) of testing, we’ve cracked the code to consistently and reliably generate quality leads on demand using Facebook.

Using our proprietary EDG Social Appointment System, our clients have been able to schedule thousands (yes, thousands) of appointments with qualified prospects resulting in high 6 and 7-figure returns.

This successful, proven system starts by utilizing Facebook’s detailed targeting structure to target key demographics, interests, and behaviors and then creating a custom message that’s tailored to your audience and hand-delivered to your ideal client, customer or patient’s newsfeed at exactly the right time.

For example, one of our clients, is a loan settlement company dedicated to helping terminal cancer patients get access to their life insurance money while they’re still alive to cover anything from treatments and hospital bills to regular household bills, travel expenses, or even to take time off of work allowing them to spend their days with family or take their dream vacation without worrying about bills.

In order to help people get the money they need, our clients have to get on the phone with them, run over a few questions and review their current insurance policy to find out how much cash is readily available.

When they came to us, their current cost per lead was roughly $210 using a variety of marketing mediums (print, YouTube ads, Google ads, etc.) and the quality of those leads was questionable.

Because their services have strict requirements, their goal was to increase the number of qualified leads coming in each month and decrease the overall acquisition cost.

Using their highest performing copy, we adapted it using our best practices and created a Facebook-friendly ad, pictured right. (The secret sauce to this ad was combining the words “Tax-free cash” with an image of a golden egg, symbolic of the potential financial gain that the program offers and speaks to the prospect’s desire for a solution to their financial burdens.)

After researching all cancer-based targeting options within Facebook, we complied a master list of targeting tiers for this campaign.

PRO TIP: When you are wading into uncharted waters, it’s important to have serval options at the ready so you can quickly test new targeting groups as needed. To date we have targeted over 100 different interests, associations, public figures, charitable organizations, hospitals, groups and purchased data lists for this client in order to find and scale the most profitable ones.


The Results:

Lead Generated in just over 2 months’ time: 2,795 new leads

Average Cost Per Lead: $51.58

Total Spend to for the Period + Our Fees: $168,163.70

Total Potential New Clients: 41.93

Potential Revenue: $419,300.00

ROI: 249%

The cost per lead decreased from $210 to just $51.58! That’s a 75.4% decrease!

As a result, they have been able to help more people who are in one of the toughest times of their lives while effectively scaling their marketing and growing their business. Because we were able to find them a solution that dropped their acquisition cost so drastically, it freed up more capital to be put back into the marketing budget. More marketing budget means more leads, which means more clients, which means more profit.

If you’re interested in how the EDG Social Appointment System™ could help you generate more quality leads, consistently and reliably, allowing you to book more appointments with ready-to-buy prospects, click here to schedule your FREE ROI Session now.

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