5 Ideas for Growing Your Email List

5 Ideas for Growing Your Email List


If you want to grow your business, you have got to grow your email list (Tweet this). Without a list, you are constantly hunting for your next sale in crisis mode. There is no relaxation, no break to take, and no financial security.

I know, because this was me for a long, long time. 

So learn from my mistake and get cranking with your list-building with 5 of my favorite ways to list build. (Tweet this)

1. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple and sharable! Make sure your offer and landing page is simple, mobile friendly and easy to understand. Without these key ingredients, you lose your chance for opt-ins and viral sharing.


Some of my favorite tools to get this done:

  1. LeadPages for landing pages. They are quick, easy and already tested for opt-ins AND they have viral sharing built in with their social share buttons.
  2. Use the WordSwag app to create your page, and webinar images. It is what I used to create the title image for this blog post.
  3. Grammarly for checking my spelling and grammar when I’m done.(For me, this is a MUST because I love to write, but I am a terrible speller.)

2. Run a Facebook Live video to promote your opt in. Here’s how:

How to Do a Facebook Live Video (Tweet this)

  1. On your iPhone or Android, open the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Open your business page, and click on “Post.”
  3. Click on “Live Video”
  4. Put a description of the video in the top area and any link you want to send traffic to.
  5. Position your phone in Portrait Positioning. (If you put your phone in “landscape” will show upside down.)
  6. Click “Go Live.” There will be a 1,2,3 countdown.
  7. And you are live!
  8. If people click “like” or comment during your live broadcast, it will show up on screen.
  9. When you are done, click the “Finish” button.
  10. If you want to use the video for other purposes, click “yes” to save as a video.
  11. Visit your page again from a Desktop to make the following changes.
    1. The image that shows on the page first
    2. The title and post description.
  1. Click “save” and you are all done!

3. Advertise the opt-in to those who watched your video. You can do this through:

Ads Manager -> Custom Audience

Choose “Engagement on Facebook”


Then choose Video Views.


And then select the video that you want, or all of your videos. The choice is yours.



4. Write a blog post about your topic and turn that into a long-form post on your Facebook page with a link included to the opt-in or LeadMagnet.


5. If you have a list already, send it to them, or if not, send an email out to everyone you know personally who would enjoy your training or lead magnet. Ask them to forward it to just one person. (Most of them will forward to more than one, making your lead magnet go viral.)

I use the strategies each time we are having an event or I am putting out a new opt-in offer.

Do you have a favorite strategy I didn’t include on the list? If so, add it to the comments section.

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