6 Targeting Strategies for LinkedIn Ads

To date, LinkedIn is the undisputed champion of targeting professionals for networking, job opportunities and other business related connections. The platform has over 560 million users, 40% of which sign on daily and engage with other professionals in their network.

So when it comes to running ads, B2B markets make sense.

And the numbers from our campaigns support it.

In one of our recent campaigns, we targeted IT Services Firms with an offer to attend an event. Using a simple ad to landing page campaign, we generated 21 sales at either $35.76. With the cost of each ticket being $99 or $599, the total revenue for this campaign was between $1,328.11 and $11,828.11.

For another client, we ran a direct to appointment campaign, where an ad sent traffic to a consultation request page where the prospect would fill out the form and the sales team would immediately follow up. In less than 90 days, the booked 175 appointments which resulted in closing $121,000 worth of new business with 3-4 additional deals in the works.

Much of the success of these campaign is owed to the ability to target specific job titles with pinpoint accuracy. Here are the current options that LinkedIn Ads offer:

It’s important to be strategic about what you’ll test in your campaigns. We recommend a few different levels of targeting and retargeting to make sure that you’re getting your message to the right people. Here are some of the categories that we focus on in our campaigns:

Job Title – This makes it easy to go EXACTLY for your ideal client. LinkedIn scans through all the profiles with the selected job title listed and pools them into one audience to show your ad. While this is extremely straightforward, there are a few cons. Because it is so easy to plug in a job title and get started, it could result in a higher cost per lead because of the increased competition.

Cost aside, it’s so incredibly precise, which means it can result in small audiences. To increase your pool of prospects, add in a few similar or related job titles to reach more people, because you’ll likely capture quality prospects that you would have otherwise missed.

Job Function – This is much broader than job title in that instead of targeting “digital ads analyst” you would be targeting “marketing department.”

If you’re thinking, eh this doesn’t sound like a winner, it can be combined with other target demographics to create a more specific search that come in at a lower cost that job title alone. We recommend combining this with seniority, described below.  

Seniority – Need to connect with a decision maker to make the sale? No problem. LinkedIn reports 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. Adding this into your targeting strategy will help get your message in front of someone who has the ability in the business to say “YES!”

When combining “marketing department” with “Director” your ads are likely to fall in the lap of the marketing director that you’re targeting, without paying the price of targeting the marketing director specifically. #adhack

Group Targeting – Josh Turner and his company LinkedSelling have cracked the code on using LinkedIn groups to pool together people in the same professional arenas which makes an excellent targeting option for LinkedIn ads. While these audiences can be smaller depending on your niche, they will be extremely active in the areas that you’re trying to reach, making them a more likely candidate for your product or service.  

Skills – While this is another broad targeting option (and self-reported which could mean you be an expert or someone who paid $9.99 for a SEO certification online), you can combine it with seniority to narrow down your search so your ads are hitting the right newsfeeds.

Company Industry + Company Size – This final targeting option is great if you need to work with companies over a certain size. For example, if you’re an IT Services Firm and you work with hospitals or doctor’s office that employee OVER 13 people, this setting can help you do just that. *It’s good to stack these with seniority as well to ensure you’re reaching a decision maker.

These targeting combos are a great start, but you should know that there is no EXACT formula for your LinkedIn ad campaigns. The demographics are there, but you’ll have to dig and test and try a few different things to find the group of people that responds to your offer at the lowest cost per lead.

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