How to Book More Sales Appointments Using Sponsored InMail Ads on LinkedIn

It’s no easy task creating a stand-out email that cuts through the clutter in your prospect’s inbox and gets opened.

Not to mention, it’s difficult to build a one-to-one relationship as well as a direct message. Sponsored InMail is great alternative for B2Bs that rely on booking sales appointments because it connects with users WHILE they’re active on LinkedIn, allows for personalization, and encourages one-to-one connections.

Sponsored InMail ads allow you to generate high-value leads and engage your target audience by delivering personalized, private messages straight to their LinkedIn inbox.

You can use Sponsored InMail ads to…

  • Book more sales appointments with prospects who are more likely to buy
  • Boost registrations for seminars or other events
  • Offer limited time promotions on your products and services
  • Promote free content such as opt-ins, white papers, infographics, etc.

The key to creating a successful Sponsored InMail message it to treat it like a personal message with a conversational tone.

It should …

  • Be short (under 500 characters is recommended)
  • Have a conversational tone – be friendly!
  • Be direct – tell them exactly what you can help them with and give them a call to action to take the next steps
  • Not overly salesy


Here’s a simple script to use to book appointments using Sponsored InMail on LinkedIn:


Hi Name,

Are your interested in how you can [insert what you do here] ?

If you want to [insert outcome they are seeking] …

Why not book a call with a member of my team to discuss the strategy/system we use and explore whether or not it’s a good fit for you/your business?

Click here to grab your spot now.


Your Name



Here’s a quick example of the script in action.

Let’s say you’re a Speaker Coach that works with people to develop grade-A presentations and get booked for keynote spots. Your script could sound like this:


Hi Kathy,

Are in you interested in how you can book more keynote presentations at a premium fee?

If you want to be a sought-after speaker who has a fully-booked calendar of high-paying speaking gigs…

Why not book a call with me and my team to discuss the strategy we use with our clients and explore whether or not it’s a good fit for you?

Click here to schedule now.




Keep it simple, keep it conversational, and keep it direct! Those are the 3 secrets to success with Sponsored InMail ads.

Interested in running this campaign for your business? Click here to book a time to chat with our Director of Client Strategy to see how this campaign could work for you.


7 thoughts on “How to Book More Sales Appointments Using Sponsored InMail Ads on LinkedIn”

  1. Sorry your proposed template gets a big FAIL from me. I hate these sort of in-mails and often I will unsubscribe you if you send me one. Why? Because you are immediately selling before you understand my needs, know if I have a need, or have a relationship with me.

    Instead, I may start something like like this… Greetings Kathy, I was just wondering, are you struggling with the problem of getting well paid speaking gigs? If you are, I would love to hear what some of your challenges have been. Warmly, Alistair

    Note my email is totally centred around Kathy. Not about you and the desire to book an appointment. You are starting a personal interaction. Build trust and make a friend first. Even your suggestion of having a meeting with a team member, shows you don’t care and immediately kills the personal nature of the interaction.

    I hope that provides some food for thought.


    1. Thanks for the revised script Alistar. Makes way more since and I for one would respond better to that one. It helps you to get more information that would make an eventual sales call go more smoothly.

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