Managing Your Numbers

Back when I was struggling in my business, I would be up at night and have this ridiculous fantasy that I would just mysteriously get a huge client with a big monthly retainer and it would magically make my finance issues go away.

It is a little embarrassing to admit it now, but I was kind of looking for a magic fairy to come and wave of a wand to make it all better.

Well, that fairy never came.  But thankfully she didn’t need to.  I got my own magic wand.

I spent so much time wishing for something better, when what I needed to do was something different. Totally different.

I came from a background in Public Relations and was taught to “get your name out there” as much as possible and create a lot of awareness.  I was really good at “getting names out there” and building awareness campaigns.  The problem is, none of that is measurable, and none of it produces an ROI.

What I discovered is that I could actually manage my own numbers and create the business I wanted… I truly had the ability to control my future. It was refreshing, empowering and best of all, lucrative.

How it works…

Determine the following:

  1. How much revenue do you want to generate?
  2. How many clients do you need to generate that much revenue?
  3. How many sales appointments do you need to close that many clients?

For example…

  1. If the goal is to create $500,000 in new revenue this year…
  2. …and each client is worth $2,000 a month to you ($24,000 a year), you will need 21 new clients to reach the goal. (It is actually a little less than that, but no one wants .8 of a client.  It just isn’t pretty.)
  3. If you close ¼ of all sales appointments, then you will need 88 sales appointments this year.

Just knowing this number gives you something tangible to work toward.

Next, you need a source of predictable, high-quality leads who see you as the authority.

In our next post we will dive into where to get these leads from and how to develop the greatest chance of success in closing them.

In the meantime, dive into this video that shows you how to create your own Authority Leadership Platform to attract your ideal clients and get those 88 (or whatever your number is) much needed appointments.

We are talking about our numbers in our private Facebook Group for the book “Booked” by Josh Turner as well.

Get in on the discussion here:

Join in… and get your own magic wand! 😉

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