A Simple Breakdown of the Different Audience Types on Facebook

We place thousands of dollars of ads in multiple media channels every day on behalf of our clients and nothing beats out the value per lead and volume of qualified leads you can get on Facebook.  Why? Because nowhere else can you so clearly target who you are going after.

The following is how to find a target audience on Facebook. (Tweet this!) 

When creating an ad on Facebook, the audience is defined as to who will be eligible to see the ad. It is imperative to choose a relevant audience because the ad will only be shown to people who match the criteria selected.

I. Targeting Options

A. Custom Audience: You may create or select a Custom Audience that you can use with your other targeting options. A Custom Audience will let you find your offline audience among people who use Facebook. Sources for a Custom Audience include your email list, your mobile phone list, your website traffic and your Facebook Fan Page.  Facebook will also create a “look-alike” list of these groups that matches the top 1% most similar people to those in your Custom Audience to expand your list size to over 1 million people.

Audiences Targeted for IO CREATIVE GROUP:

1) IO CREATIVE GROUP Email List: 25,000

2) IO CREATIVE GROUP Member Look-Alike List: 1,786,000 people

3) IO CREATIVE GROUP Website Traffic: 50,000

4) IO CREATIVE GROUP Website Traffic Look-Alike Audience: 1,607,000 

B. Location: You may choose one or more countries, states, provinces, cities and zip codes (US only) or post codes (internationally) to target your ads to those locations.

IO CREATIVE GROUP:  Targeting is used when the offer requires sending a physical product and shipping costs make it necessary to limit the promotion to the continental United States of America.   Additional targeting is used when promoting a specific live event to reach those within driving distance.

C. Demographic Targeting Options:  You can use demographic targeting options to select audience segments related to categories such as age, gender relationships, education, finances, and life events.

IO CREATIVE GROUP:  Men aged 25-55 perform better than other age groups and women. When reaching out to non-Custom Audience lists, this criteria is selected. (Ladies, we LOVE you, but you just don’t convert).

D. Interest Targeting Options:  You may reach your audience based on their interests. This can include interests from their timelines (something they liked from a post) as well as the interests tied to Pages they’ve liked or keywords associated with those Pages or apps they use.

IO CREATIVE GROUP:  Many interest categories have been and continue to be tested including:

Fan Pages

1) Social Media Examiner: 256,000 people

2) Success Magazine: 920,000 people

3) Ryan Deiss: 16,800 people

4) Brian Tracy: 960,000 people

5) Frank Kern: 24,000 people

6) Infusionsoft: 144,000 people

7) Entrepreneur Magazine: 1,640,000

8) Ali Brown: 138,166


1) Marketing:  163,000,000

2) Entrepreneurship: 59,000,000

E. Behaviors: You may reach your audience based on their digital activities, what devices they use, past or intended purchases, and travel. This data is pulled from Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon data mining companies and merged with Facebook’s data to find matches.  

IO CREATIVE GROUP: The following Behaviors have been targeted:

1) Purchased Business Marketing: 2,800,000

2) Purchased Book: 184,000,000 

F. Connections: This allows you to target those who are or are not Fans of your Page and/or their friends.

IO CREATIVE GROUP/Kim Walsh-Phillips Pages:

1) Fans of IO CREATIVE GROUP Page: 6,000

2) Friends of IO CREATIVE GROUP Fans in the United States: 4,800,000 

G. Other: Facebook allows you to combine categories to narrow the focus of who you are trying to reach.  We continue to test combining the different categories to maximize response rate and cost-per-conversion. For example, we have paired a Look-Alike Audience with those who buy Business Marketing to narrow the focus of the audience.

Dive into Audiences through the Ads Manager at www.Facebook.com/AdsManager to get started.

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  1. Kim, this was so helpful and I like the new format.

    I usually just target my fans but I am jumping in today to try all of these.

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