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When you hear these words, you should run away screaming like your hair is on fire.

These words stand for pure “fluff” and do not measure what should be your number one priority in social media marketing…your return on investment. (Although on a peanut butter sandwich, fluff can be delicious.) Like Dan Kennedy says, “the majority is wrong.” The minority of successful marketers are doing things differently on Facebook such as…

1. They start by giving, not selling.
Facebook wants you to lead off with content first, sales second. Thankfully, this translates into cheaper clicks and more qualified leads. Some of our best performing client campaigns follow this funnel:


Example from our client GKIC Insider’s Circle:about us image set 1

Note: This ad has a 2.156% click-through rate.  In one ad from this sub-funnel, 100 people ordered the lead magnet at a cost of $6.36 per conversion and a conversion rate of 45%. This meant GKIC obtained 45 members for $14.13 each… from cold traffic including the blog click. Holy Batman!


2. They Measure EVERYTHING.
How do we separate the winners from the losers?
Dollar-measured results, that’s how.

From Justin Yule of Fitness Revolution in Chanhassen, MN www.ChanhassenFitnessRevolution.com:

“Knowing the average monthly membership for our group personal training program (the program I would be advertising) is $175/month for a 12-month agreement, I knew each new Member would be worth AT LEAST $2,100 – that number goes up with back-end offers throughout the year. Of course, the majority of our Members renew at the end of the year, but I purposely chose not to focus on the lifetime value for this experiment.”

about us image set 2

3. Results Rule. Period. RESULTS RULE. Period.
There is an endless supply of conjecture by social media “experts.” Be very cautious whenever you hear a universal truth about any type of social media marketing. My Elite Digital Group team places thousands of advertising dollars each day for clients across industries, geography, and products, and what we have found is that NOTHING can be deemed a universal truth, not even within the same industry. Results are the only thing you should use to determine your spend and marketing direction This is why EVERYTHING needs to be tracked and checked EVERY DAY. Our client reporting tells them exactly what they spent for ads, for our fee, and how many qualified leads or customers resulted – so they always get an exact ROI on their spend. We then use this data to make their ad campaign more effective. Any other information is fluff and should be ignored.

Marketing should be based on results.

We are a direct response social media marketing agency that is obsessed with getting our clients a high return on their investment.  Our philosophy…

Direct response + social media + full customer life cycle = results.

We work with clients who want results week in and week out and spend money on branding as a by-product of the overall goal…lead attraction and customer conversion.

What we can do for you…

We can take the people on Facebook and LinkedIn, turn them into your customers and keep them buying from you for life. Interested in learning more? Contact us to have a conversation by clicking here.


Kelly LeMay

Kelly serves as Elite Digital Group’s Chief Operating Officer (next step…world domination). She has a passion for boundless creativity, impressive ROI, fresh design, iced coffee and ChapStick. When you boil it down, Kelly’s job is to make sure things are happening when they are supposed to happen. Outside of the IOC world, you can find Kelly spending time with her husband and cheering on her two kids in whatever new thing they are accomplishing.

Mike Stodola

Mike is Elite Digital Group’s Chief Marketing Officer. He helps clients find hidden gold mines in their businesses using direct response marketing strategies. This means creating new marketing campaigns and funnels to find what’s hot and what’ll work. Besides client work, he handles the marketing for Elite, and goes on constant coffee runs because he needs 3 iced lattes a day. Always iced.

Tanner Stolte

Tanner is Elite Digital Group’s Digital Strategist. Tanner digs through analytics and utilizes industry research to help craft unique and targeted campaigns for our clients. From concept to creation, he keeps the clients end goal in mind to ensure a fluid and consistent message. When he’s not behind the screen he spends much of his time working on side projects and getting outside any way he can (Hiking, Biking, Kayaking).


























Kim Walsh-Phillips

Kim, @KWalshPhillips, is the award-winning Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Founder of Elite Digital Group, a direct-response social media agency. Kim has brought in more than a billion dollars through her clients with her laser focus on increasing their revenue through direct-response marketing. She is author of “No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Producing Measurable, Monetizable Results with Social Media Marketing,” with Dan Kennedy.  Kim also leads the top-ranked podcast, “Facebook Sales Strategies,” on iTunes.  She resides with her very tall husband, who is often asked to get things down from the ridiculously tall cabinets in their house, and their two glitter-and-all-things-pink-obsessed daughters, Bella and Katie, just outside of NYC.

Kate Gaudet

Kate Gaudet is the Agency Director at Elite Digital Group.  Kate ensures that each and every project is producing positive results for our clients.  She is on the ground floor of client strategy development and internal process creation, and she is the glue that holds our team together.  Kate learns the ins and outs of our clients’  businesses and focuses on our their goals delivering impactful marketing. Kate loves the city she lives in, York, Pa, and she is the best tour guide you will meet. When she isn’t focusing on making the community better or strategizing with our team, she enjoys spending time with friends, live music, golfing and traveling.


Samantha Melhorn

Samantha is the Director of Content Development and Strategy at Elite Digital Group. Samantha is responsible for funnel development, campaign creation, and maximizing our client’s ROI by writing words that engage, persuade and sell. When she’s not writing sales letters, you can find her poolside with a good book and a latte, at the gym, or hiking lakeside near her Nashville home.



Claire Wallace

Claire is the Director of Client Strategy at Elite Digital Group.  If you have the pleasure to meet Claire, you should be prepared to answer a lot of questions!  Claire has a passion for understanding exactly what your business is and means to you.  She is integral in ensuring that a relationship with Elite Digital Group is the best fit for your business!  When she is not meeting new business owners at conferences or on zoom calls, you can find her on the soccer field, kayaking on the river or spending time with her family.