They are terrors in the night. Costing you pennies for each useless click.

They download all of your FREE resources and smugly ignore your carefully crafted sales page.

They are… the freebie seekers.

Now the harsh truth is, many of these people will never turn into cash-paying customers. They’re just perusing your site because they’re mildly interested in the topic but have no real motivation to take action…and that’s OKAY.

Before you launch a riot, just hear me out. It’s okay because… a portion of them ARE buyers in waiting who will eventually step up and spend money as long as you don’t give up on them.

Maybe they’re just getting started in your area of expertise and don’t know they need professional help yet.

Or maybe they do know they need help, they just don’t trust you as the expert to do it yet.

Or, if we’re being honest, maybe they just need to try a few times on their own before they call in the pros.

Whatever the reason is, they just need time. And love. And attention.

Which is why it’s critical that you have the right systems in place to ensure that they are getting the specialized attention they need to…

  1. Become familiar with who you are and how you can help
  2. Like you (because no one wants to give money to someone whose message doesn’t resonate with them)
  3. Trust that you’re the pro to solve the problem

The good old “Know, Like, Trust” factor.

And the single best way to do that is with a follow-up email campaign. However someone gets into your funnel, you should have a set of emails that come directly after it to warm up your new leads.

Here’s a simple 5-step Email Sequence to get you started…

  1. Delivery Email – In this email you’ll deliver the freebie/checklist/coupon/video etc. that they requested. Be sure to remind them of what a fantastic decision they made and tell them what their immediate next step is (i.e. if it’s a coupon – how to redeem, or a webinar – how to add to calendar, etc.)
  2. Intro Email – People respond to people, not cold, cookie-cutter businesses. Use this opportunity to open up and connect with your audience. Give them the Who (you are), the What (you do), the Why (you do it) and the How (you can help them). Then tell them to stay tuned to tomorrow’s email where you have a free gift for them.
    **You want to condition them to open your emails
  3. FREE gift – Offer them an extra bonus item. Do you have another piece of free content that they’ll love? A simple checklist, a template or script or maybe a helpful video that will establish you as the helpful expert who gets what they’re going through and is qualified to help.
  4. Piece of content – Use a popular piece of blog content and write an email about it. You’ll provide value for your audience and get them to your website where you’ll be able to pixel them to create an audience for your Facebook ads and it’ll give readers a chance to explore your other content.
  5. THE ASK – Are you inviting them to a webinar? Scheduling consultation calls? If they’ve opened your previous emails, they’re warmed up to who you are, and are more likely to take action then when they first came in contact with you. Use this email to present your offering with a strong call to action. Use urgency, such as a deadline or limited availability, to get them to take action.

Bonus – Add a P.S. to every email. Don’t wait the opportunity to add in your current offer in case they’re ready to take action now!

Depending on the buying cycle in your industry, this could take 3 emails or it could take 30 emails, the point is – keep in touch and don’t give up on them. Keep providing them with weekly blog emails, tips, and other things that will keep you top of mind and that your audience will find valuable.

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  1. should it be clear upfront “who is this for/who I work with”. If you want to work with people that are just about to start, and have very little money should you state that?

    Is it OK to give something that actually will get them real results (useful and complete) or is it better to give something interesting but that by itself will never bring results (useful but incomplete)?

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    • Hi Enrique, this is a great question!

      To your first question – yes, but this will come out in your content/opt-ins naturally. The type of opt-in you choose to create will ultimately reflect where your ideal client is in their business. If they are new, your copy will address that and your opt-in will be something that a beginner would need. If you’re targeting people who have an established business and are looking to take their business to the next level, the type of opt-in you would use would be much different since they no longer need the same tools as the beginner.

      To answer your second question – both are okay to use. You can give them useful scripts or templates that they can cut and paste into their business because it will help them to trust you by providing value in advance. Once they see that what you’ve given them works, they’ll be more likely to come back. The other option is to give them the “what” and the “why” and sell them the “how”.

      Hope that helps!

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