Imagine this, It’s Friday and you’re in a good mood because the weekend is almost upon us! You spent this week crafting the perfect Facebook ad for your business. You followed all of the experts’ advice, adding in an amazing attention-grabbing headline and even an eye-catching photo.

This is sure to be the one that generates the most leads.

You go to post it on Facebook and a message pops up on your screen…

“Not approved”.

Now you’re in a slightly worse mood.  You scan every inch of the post to see if anything sticks out…


You didn’t use any dirty words or inappropriate pictures. You didn’t even promised that if they just click your ad they’ll lose 20 pounds, marry a prince and win the lottery and yet still, Facebook says it’s unlaunchable.

The truth is, most of the time an ad is disapproved, it’s a simple fix. Facebook usually flags advertisements because the bot notices that a link doesn’t work, or there is a word in your ad that violates the ad policy.

Here are 3 simple steps to take to get your ad approved by Facebook:

  • Click on the ad and check the reasoning:
    • Go down to the ad level
    • Click “Edit”
    • Facebook should show you the reason your ad was disapproved (usually it’s language such as, “are YOU a vegetarian and looking for new all-veggie food recipes”)
  • Resubmit the ad:
    • Everyone makes mistakes sometimes! Many ads on Facebook are checked by a bot, which means it might miss something or mistake a sentence for being in violation of Facebook’s ad policy.
    • When you re-submit an ad, it will more than likely be a person that checks it, not a bot.
  • Appeal it (process takes 24 to 48 hours):
    • You have the option to send in a message to get your ad manually approved. Especially if you might have ads in your ad set that have all been approved, or your link that you attached works for sure, but for some reason they are still getting flagged.
    • Make sure you state your reasoning (ex. I checked the link and it works, I ran this ad before and it was approved)


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