Bigger, Faster Results With Strategic Ad Spend

Multiple brand touchpoints are key, and if you are looking to grow QUICKLY then organic social media marketing will only get you so far in a short amount of time. 

Much like a fine wine or a sound investment, organic strategies compound over time. But they do take time. 

Conversely, paying for traffic on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook can deliver results almost immediately if you have room in the budget to pay for them.

Because once you strike gold with a paid ad campaign, you can be set up for years where every $1 you spend is delivering multiple returns on investment. 

Today, we expand on that and discuss how our ad experts in Elite Digital Group are using paid ads to attract quality prospects, get them on your email list, and book more solid appointments with them.

Ready? Let’s dive in! 

How Social Ads Drive Sales Opportunities and Fuel Business Growth

The best way to illustrate how to drive sales opportunities and fuel business growth is by showing you in action what it looks like. 

Below we have 3 examples of ways to use paid social media ads on both LinkedIn & Facebook, both internally and for our clients, to create more sales opportunities. 

Example #1-  List Building via a Free Resource 

When Heartland Investment Partners came to us, they had been relying on referrals, podcasts, and direct mail to generate leads for their commercial real estate investment business. 

They produced a new book that was a great lead-in for new prospects, but they needed an easier, more efficient way to get it into the hands of the RIGHT people.

They knew they could reach more potential customers using social media, they just needed the right system in place to do it.

By launching a simple 4-step Facebook campaign (recently duplicated to LinkedIn), we were able to reach more potential clients &  grow an email list of qualified prospects.

The campaign consisted of four parts:

  1. Optimized targeting to attract those most likely to be interested in the book and a demographic fit.
  2. Strong compelling ad copy to get users to take action.
  3. A high-conversion-rate landing page.
  4. 6-Months worth of follow-up emails designed to move those who downloaded the book to the next step of becoming an investor.

Here’s how the flow looked in action:

No alt text provided for this image

In just 60 days this campaign generated over 900+ leads for their list and continues to deliver 300+ leads per month. 

Social ads like these have the power to provide a consistent lead flow that helps to drive long term sustained business growth in almost any market. 

Key Takeaway: Your prospects don’t care about you. They care about themselves. Sounds harsh but it’s true. So making the focus of your ads about a free resource that provides instruction, clarity, or information regarding something that they can benefit from is a great way to get them to:

  1. Let you know that they are interested in something that relates to the work that you do
  2. See that you actually know what you are talking about and are a leader in your industry

And this makes sense right? Giving them value and enough information to decide whether or not they are interested in outsourcing this work to you. 

Example #2 – Lead Generation For Consultants (Or Service Providers)

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Technology Marketing Toolkit (TMT), a company that helps IT Services Firms, VARs and MSPs grow their businesses, had an extensive sales system in place but needed a better way to funnel existing leads and new sources of traffic into a consultation call. 

Like many other business owners, they had dabbled with Facebook but were unable to crack the code to scaling their campaign at a profit.  

By repositioning their offer, testing multiple forms of creatives and tweaking their landing pages to fit our best practices, we were able to book more appointments with qualified prospects.

The campaign consisted of four parts:

  1. Audience-specific messaging for targeted Facebook ad campaigns
  2. An irresistible opt-in offer to capture their information
  3. Appointment request page with video
  4. Appointment-focused follow-up email sequences

(Are you starting to see a pattern??) 

In just a 30-day time span, TMT generated a quick $15k in additional revenue from just $2.1k in ad spend. 

Key Takeaway: Just because an ad campaign does not crush it on day 1 it does not mean that ads will not work for your business. 

Pages need to be optimized. New creative needs to be tested. Offers need to be tweaked. 

A simple tweak or reset of your creative could be just the thing you needed to have success. And once you start to have success with paid traffic the possibilities are endless. 

Just don’t get discouraged.  

The thing is, automated lead generation systems like the one described above can be put in place for most businesses with relative ease. If you give up too soon, or worse, intimidate yourself to the point where you never get started, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow QUICKLY…

If you study the basics and follow best practices, you too can build an automated lead generation system. (If you need some help, we are always here for you

Example #3 – B2B Lead Generation On LinkedIn 

Let’s take a look at our parent company, LinkedSelling. Their best clients were already LinkedIn users. We just needed a way to get in front of these valuable prospects and encourage them to book an appointment with a member of our sales team.

In order to connect these highly-qualified prospects with my Sales Team, we launched the Social Appointment System

We updated the copy from one of our successful Facebook campaigns and then created a LinkedIn version sending cold prospects directly to an appointment page to request a free consultation with us. 

From there, our prospects had an option to book a call. If they chose not to book a call, we had already collected their information which we would then use to follow-up with using a uniquely designed appointment follow-up email sequence. 

So again the system consisted of four parts:

  1. Used updated ad copy from our Facebook campaign for LinkedIn ads
  2. A high converting landing page to collect information
  3. An opportunity to book a call
  4. Our uniquely designed appointment follow-up email sequence

Here’s a simplified look at the flow…

No alt text provided for this image

By using this simple system, we were able to get in front of targeted prospects who were a perfect match for our agency services and book more qualified appointments.

In fact, here are the numbers, in just 90 days using this process we booked 175 appointments that generated $121k in additional sales. 

These systems are still running today and have generated multiple 7 figures in client revenue over the last 24 months.

Key takeaway: While running ads to content is certainly effective, LinkedIn’s accurate professional data allows you to target business professionals who fit your exact target client like no other platform. 

This allows you to simplify the entire funnel because you’ll need less qualification and filtering to avoid talking with prospects who do not need or want your products and services. 

By now it is clear that social media as a whole presents an amazing growth opportunity for your business. From organic posting to paid ads, there are a variety of business growth resources you can take advantage of through these social channels. If you would like to learn more about Elite Digital Group, you can click here to view our stellar work and discover how these same strategies can fuel your business growth as well.