With summer just around the corner and everyone’s mind on warm weather, sunshine and sippin’ margaritas (oh, no? just me? anyway…) email rates have a tendency to take a bit of nosedive after the first few months of the new year. 

If you want to make sure your emails get opened, you’ll need a catchy subject line. Something that speaks to what your reader wants and piques their curiosity. I’ve compiled a few of our favorites, their open rate, and why they work.

Subject Open Rate Why it Worked
The Definition of Insanity 35% Intrigue. Ask a question that makes your reader wonder about the contents of your email.
[Starting Now] Using Facebook to Fill Seminars… 24% Appeal to their pain points. What do all businesses want? More leads. They will click to find out how.
Want to make sure you can make it. 33% Personal check-in with concern about event attendance.
Qualified Leads at $3 a piece… guaranteed. 37% Don’t be misleading and only use facts that you have proof behind. Your readers will be interested in how to get the highest return on investment for their dollars.
Can you join me? 37% Questions about attendance without specifics will make the reader click to find the dates and times and what they will get if they attend.
Get Your Invitation (only 14 spaces left) 35% Limited spots available. If they have to request an invitation but there are only so many available, they will click to find out if they need to snag one of the last spots!
I promised I’d send you this… 46% Delivering on your word. This alludes that there is something inside this email for them.
Getting your expert status on, ~Name~. 33% Personalization! People see their name in a subject line and it feels like it was sent from a friend. Not to mention, most business owners want to be viewed as the expert of their industry and this subject suggests that you’re about to show them how.
Pop Quiz … Do you remember this ad? 34% People love trivia and being right. This title makes the reader question what kind of ads will be in the quiz, if they’ll recognize them, and how they will perform overall.


The subject line is the most important piece of the email puzzle. If your emails don’t get opened, they don’t get read. It doesn’t matter how awesome your note is if they never see it! 


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