Episode 378

“How To Get Your Organic Post Out To More People, When You Are Promoting Something” – Part 3 

In this episode, Kim talks about how you can incorporate Facebook Live posts into your posting schedule.

Key Takeaways!

  • Facebook will not share promotional posts.
    • Facebook really want to protect the users’ experience, so they don’t feel like they are being bombarded with promotional ads.
    • Like MySpace – it became too promotional.
  • When you are trying to promote for free – use Facebook Live!
    • It’s open to everyone.
    • Business page.
    • Post live.
    • Broadcasting for free.
    • You can run an entire commercial!
  • Kim recorded a Facebook Live video, so she could share a new program, and why you would want to attend:
    • Shared the outcome.
    • The people it’s for.
    • Kim really did the whole sales pitch.
    • For free – this FB live video reached thousands of people.
    • This is very effective.
  • Make sure you are incorporating Facebook Live into your posting schedule.
  • If it’s getting a lot of reach and response, go ahead and through some money behind it.
  • Make a pound wise decision and put some spend behind it, if it’s doing really well.

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