How to Leverage Your Virtual Assistant

How to Leverage Your Virtual Assistant

Cheering on the winning home run with your staff, while the home team brings on the win, is not a bad way to end a night. This was the case earlier this week as I took my staff out for dinner and a game to watch our local minor league baseball team. We held the celebration to thank them for all their hard work in last week’s Platform Camp event.

The reality is, you may have seen Kelly, Sam and myself on air, but it takes a whole team to make something like that happen.

When scaling and growing your business, a critical business practice is to spend time doing what you are best at and bring on help for everything else. Of course as you are growing, this is easier said than done—as staff generally like to be paid in cash and not your plans for the future. 🙂

One tactic I highly recommend (and that I STILL use) is to leverage virtual assistants to get tasks done that can distract you or use up time you could be getting a higher ROI from doing something else.

But even this can seem overwhelming, cost and time wise—who is the right hire? What do I have them do? How much will this cost?

In comes my FAVORITE personal assistant service— Fancy Hands. (Sounds dirty, but I promise, it isn’t.) For a flat fee, you get a set amount of “tasks” per month. Their lowest starting price is only $25 a month and for that you get 5 tasks. This is a fantastic way to get started in incorporating virtual assistants in your work flow. And frankly, I may have a lot more help now than I did in the beginning, but I still use this service all of the time.

For the next few days, I will offer up some “out-of-the-box time-saving-ways” to use Fancy Hands to save you time, money and sanity. (More on that last one later.)

Today’s tip—social media quotes.

One easy-peasy-get-er-done-now strategy is to stop looking up quotes to run in your social media memes. Instead, use one of your Fancy Hands tasks to look up 45 quotes in your niche. A realtor? Have them pull quotes about family and home. Coach? Have them pull quotes about achieving your dreams. Veterinarian? Have them pull quotes about dogs and cats. You get the idea.

My challenge to you? Assign this task today to take one thing off your plate.

Tomorrow, I will share another content support idea to assign.



P.S. I shared an affiliate link above. If you sign up for Fancy Hands through that link I will get some type of discount off of my monthly fee. (By the way, one of the days in this series, I am going to teach you how to use one of these tasks so you can do the same.) I love this service to pieces though, and whether or not I had a special link, I’m still going to recommend it. But it’s only right to tell you about the link. So I did. So there.

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