Case Studies Of Our Direct Response Lead Generation Campaigns

A Note To The Reader

Direct Response Marketing is defined as:
"A type of sales technique designed to evoke an on-the-spot response and encourage a prospective customer to take action by opting in to an advertiser's offer. Unlike other marketing types, the direct response requires little or no time waiting to see measurable results."

The results displayed on this page are a small sampling of the success we have created for our clients using this method of marketing while spending over 8-figures on Facebook ads over the years.  

​Case Study Examples

Ashby Law
Divorce Attorney 

How a Divorce Attorney Generated $90,000 From a Simple 4-Step Facebook Campaign in​
Less Than 60 Days

B2B Lead Generation 

How a NEW LinkedIn Ads Strategy Brought in 175 Appointments In Less Than 90 Days

Martial Arts Wealth
B2B Consulting 

How One Consultant Booked 273
QUALIFIED Appointments​
Using Facebook Ads

The Gems Guy 
Dental Consulting 

How A Dental Marketing Consultant Generated Over 186 Book Orders
 in Less Than 60 Days 
Using Facebook Ads

IT Consulting

How an IT Marketing Company Generated Over $15,000 in Less than 30 Days Using Facebook Ads

Rosen & Associates 
Mental Health Practitioner

How One Certified Therapist Booked 52 Appointments With NEW Clients In Less Than 60 Days

Heartland Investment Partners
Real Estate Investment 

How A Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm Generated Over 911 Book Downloads in Less Than 60 Days

Blueprint Leadership
HR Consulting

How One Leadership Consultant Generated 116 NEW Leads In One Month Using LinkedIn Ads

Wine & Design 
Sip & Paint 

How 3 Wine & Design Studios Generated Over $13,790

Olson's Martial Arts
Brick & Mortar Studio 

How One Martial Arts Studio Generated $215,000 in New Enrollments

Sherfey PC
Estate Planning 

How an Estate Planning Attorney
Fills Seminars With Facebook Ads

Appstractor Corp.
SaaS Demo Requests

How Appstractor Corporation Generated64 PDF Opt-Ins and 58 Demo Requests InLess Than 4 Months Using Facebook Ads

A Few Kind Words From Our Clients

“As most people know, I have a cautious and critical attitude toward ‘social media marketing’ – in large part because most of the promoters and peddlers of it as well as the entrepreneurs and companies pouring money into it are loathe to apply tough-minded productivity and ROI measurements to it – arguing foolishly that new media cannot be held accountable by old metrics. To paraphrase one astute CEO, speaking to his younger marketing people: we can talk new metrics all you like as long as you are happy with your paychecks made out in new metrics instead of dollars. With that said, I do have clients successfully extracting dollars from social media. I have referred some to Elite Digital Group.  They are getting dollar-measurable, direct response results for diverse clients.”

Dan S. Kennedy

Marketing Strategist/Copywriter. Author, NO B.S. book series

“Just a quick note to say thanks.  You guys clearly watch the traffic and know when things are working... then take effective corrective action.  We were getting lots of books ordered every day."

Tom Orent

Dental Consultant 

“Working with Elite Digital Group has been nothing short of great. They truly get how to make money using facebook with track-able, measurable results. We’ve launched campaign after successful campaign and without their work we’d be missing out on five figures of income each and every month. They continuously go above and beyond with their service and they constantly work to improve good results and test new markets.

If you’re interested in growing your business using social media and facebook ads, you need to work with Elite Digital Group and just do what they say as they continue to demonstrate their expertise week after week. They are not an expense for us but a profit center and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Mike Stodola

Chief Marketing Officer @ Technology Marketing Toolkit

“We are getting so many leads for new students that my staff was ready to revolt.  The volume that this campaign has provided has uncovered some internal staffing and process issues that we’ve now fixed and are now taking advantage of the leads being generated in EDG’s Facebook Ad Campaign!”

Ken Gibson

Martial Arts Studio Owner

"The team at Elite Digital Group has been awesome to work with. Day-in and day-out they consistently drive qualified traffic to my webinar where I sell a $3k coaching product to other dentists. Within two months we have done just north of $180k in membership sales. They continually work with me to refine my process and we are looking to do $200k/month in the next year. Thank you again Elite Digital for all your hard work!”

Steve Phelan

Phelan Dental Seminars

“My studio has had over a 1,600% ROI from EDG’s Facebook Ad campaign over the last 6 months.  The volume of leads has been amazing and we’ve gotten new students into our classes and enrolled many of them to full time students.  Thank you!”

Amanda Olson

Martial Arts Studio Owner

“Elite Digital Group, is the best decision I made for my company all last year!”

Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad Tax Solutions

“Elite was able to bring me a lower cost per attendee for my workshop than I was ever able to achieve before working with them. They even did better than my control of direct mail, which I thought was impossible.”

James Lange

Lange Financial

“Elite Digital Group has developed marketing programs that have given me some of the lowest cost per leads I’ve seen. I admit it; I was skeptical. I doubted that anyone could get social media to outperform my other tried and true media, but with EDG, we see great results!”

Ron LeGrand

CEO Global Publishing, Inc.

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