You know what goes nicely together, a large supreme pizza and oysters on the half shell.

If you’re thinking “YUCK!” and questioning my sanity right about now, I would TOTALLY understand. The idea of pizza-flavored oysters, oyster-flavored pizza or just the two eaten together at the same time is enough to suppress your appetite.

And yet, one restaurant offered that. It was a little pizza joint a few miles from my house. You could tell that business had slowed so they wanted to create a little promotion to drive customers in. Unfortunately, after that match made in hell’s kitchen revealed itself, they ended up driving customers away.

This problem isn’t unique to the pizza joint, it’s just more noticeable because oysters are obviously not an optimal pairing with a pizza dinner. We unknowingly do this all of the time as business owners too.

Let’s break it down.

The pizza (and beer) place wanted to get more customers in the door, so they thought, let’s give them an irresistible offer to bring them in, oh say oysters for $2! While that IS a great deal, the problem is that most people who are looking to enjoy oysters aren’t the same people looking for a pizza and pilsner at the same meal.

So they ordered a bunch of oysters, sold them at a low price hoping they’d make money from the pizza and beer sales, and they were disappointed to find that the few people that DID trickle in, ate the oysters and left, leaving them in worse shape than before.

Had they taken the time to create an offer that MADE sense for their business, they could have had a much better outcome.

It could have been a FREE loaded fry appetizer or a 2 for 1 beer special. More creatively, they could have done a ONE NIGHT ONLY special pizza created by a local chef.

Any one of those things makes more sense for a small pizza place than oysters on the half shell. But, they’re not the only ones to fall victim to a mismatched offer.

A local (very nice and very expensive) steak house did almost the exact same thing (FYI, this is a place where you go and expect to spend at least $78 on a dry aged ribeye). Anyway, they created a little promotion for $3 taquito appetizers.

Again, the person who is attracted to a $3 taquito appetizer special is likely not the person who also wants to spend nearly $100 on a steak in the same sitting. Getting this element right is crucial to creating a clear, profitable path in your business.

When you’re coming up with your lead magnet (think of this like your business’s free appetizer), you need to choose something that a. people want and b. will successfully move them to the other paid offers in your business.

What does that look like for you?

  • If you’re a sales coach, maybe it’s a FREE sales presentation template or sample cold calling script.

  • If you’re a personal brand photographer, maybe it’s a FREE style guide on what to wear to your photoshoot to get the perfect photos.

  • If you’re a health coach, maybe it’s a 10-day detox to boost your immune system and ramp up your metabolism.

Whatever it is, make sure to do your research. Ask your current clients what they’re struggling with/what they want. Dig around in your online reviews and see what people were most happy about. Check in with your help desk and find out what people ask questions about.

And don’t forget about a good, old fashioned google search. Find out what your audience wants that makes sense for YOUR business and give it to them. It’s that easy.


What are you offering as your lead magnet in your business?

Comment below and let me know.


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