Reaching 10,000 And Beyond

The stadium was dark. And we were really high up. Like really, really, high. So much so that I was having a bit of an anxiety attack.

I had dragged my husband to hear a speaker at the Prudential Center in Newark and while I was there, something incredible happened.

During the event, surrounded by 50,000+ people, I was just a small speck amongst the masses. But during it, I felt God’s presence and was moved to write my goals for the next year while still in the dark stadium.

The business goal I wrote down was to reach 10,000 people and share with them their message of hope. I wanted them to know that they were meant to thrive. They weren’t meant to struggle, or wish, or merely dream. They were meant to flourish and succeed and reach others and serve with prosperity. I felt more so in that moment than ever before that I was meant to share that message and then show them how they could do it.

10,000 sounded crazy to me at the time, but I wrote it down anyway.

And then with determination and focus, over the last year I, along with my All-Star Band at Elite Digital Group studied, experimented, beta-tested and tracked results. Some things we did worked. Some things failed miserably. And one thing even got me sued. (More on that another day. And don’t worry, I won.)

The final program created was the one you have probably seen/taken/had Facebook ads following you around about. It is our free masterclass, “How to Get 10,000 Fans in 72 Hours and Turn Them Into Your Next Cash Paying Customers.

During this training I do share how to get 10,000+ fans and get paid to do it, but I also share the message that you were made to thrive, and have value and deserve to be paid for it.

As of the writing of this blog, 5,922 people have gone through the program. And that is just in the last 60 days! Before the end of the year we will most certainly hit 10,000 and beyond. Incredible!

I thought it was impossible. I thought there was no way this was ever going to happen. And it wouldn’t have if I hadn’t taken that first step and listened to that voice that was telling me that I was meant for more.

And so are you.

You have a message to share. Lessons learned that can help so many. In fact, there are people right now waiting to hear from you. The time is now for you to take the next step in making your vision a reality.

A specific, measurable, goal driven reality…

I want you to discover how to package your life story and message into coaching programs that change the world and then where to find 10 dream clients in 30 days or less to boost your cashflow.

One of my inspirations Ted McGrath is offering a free Masterclass where you will discover the steps you need to take to make your vision, passion, calling, gut feeling, wish, drive, or whatever you choose to call it, a reality.

To register, click here:

Your time is this very second. No excuses. No, “I’ll do it laters.” Decide “yes” or “no” right now. And make a decision to take one more step toward achieving your vision.

Click here to register for Ted’s Masterclass now!

Let me know if you registered in the comments so I can follow up with you on your journey!


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  1. I think there are many other people who are interested in them just like me! How long does it take to complete this article? I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing.

  2. Thanks for your sharing. There are some places I have not seen in other places. It has helped me realize many kites that are very different from what I knew before.

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