The Amplification Formula

Have you ever had someone share stats with you about your website and tell you what is good and what isn’t?  Did you ever find this crazy confusing and a little like garbaly gook? Chances are it was.

Recently we hired a consultant to test our Paid Google Traffic department.  When we pushed him to share the measurable results he had produced, his response was one of “increased traffic” and “clicks.”

Oh. No. He. Didn’t.

He was trying to promote fluff metrics and make us thing they were tangible. Maybe this has happened to you before?

The bottom line is, all of your marketing decisions need to be based on a key metric – actual results.  As in, actual sales.

Thankfully we have refined our method in a Foolproof Facebook Formula Blueprint which includes 10 different things we do to drive in leads for free using social media.

The three steps:

  1. Share content your audience cares about
  2. Amplify it
  3. Make the sale

You start by talking about what your most perfect prospect cares about most – themselves.  Start by using my main squeeze app, WordSwag, to create visually delicious posts that your target market will share for you, amplifying your message across social media platforms.

Your goal shouldn’t be to drive clicks or impressions.  Your goal should always be to create raving fans and get them to buy from you 24/7.

The Foolproof Facebook Formula Blueprint has allowed us to bring in prospect requests everyday and pick and choose who we want to work with.  Always allowing us to say “NO, thank you” to mean, jerk-face prospects. (yay!)

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