What to do after you get the lead or opt-in

This may come as a shock, so brace yourself.

There are marketers out there who do not follow up with new leads after they opt-in, and expect the user to instantly turn into a new client or customer!

I know… it truly is shocking.

Now that we have caught our breath, let’s look at a few ways you should be following up with new leads after they have taken action, to keep nudging them to take further action.


Example #1 | The Basic 3-Stage Post Opt-in Follow Up

In this example you are running ads that ask a user to give you some basic info in exchange for something they find valuable. This can be a free guide, a shock & awe kit, or a chance to win something.

Once they register, they should get three emails spaced out every few days. These emails should follow this pattern:

Email #1: This should confirm the action they took and thank them for doing so. Let them know how to reach you if they have any questions and then point them to your site to get more great info on topic X.


Email #2: Here we deliver value. A “Thought you might like this…” subject line works wonders. You want to provide them with some form of helpful content related to the action they took or the service you provide. This can be a blog article or resource of some type. This email serves as trust-building and conditions the user to expect value from your communications. Add in a P.S. with another call to action (CTA) that nudges them in the right direction.


Email #3: Go for the gusto. Depending on your business, an email like this may come later in the sequence, but here we want to be clear about the action the user should take and why. This email should be about the CTA you had in your P.S. of email #2. Speak to their paint points and why they should care. Give the user a compelling reason to act today and how doing so will benefit them.


Example #2 | The Multi-Touch System (Warning: Not for the Faint of Heart)

Of all my clients, those who are the most successful utilize several methods of follow-up. I’m sure you have heard the standard line of “It takes 5 points of contact or more to close a sale/convert a user.” That is still just as true now as it ever has been. Your points of contact should vary and reach the user in more than just a digital sense. Here is an outline of what a follow-up sequence looks like to get someone who registered online for an event to actually show up and sit in the seat.

Point of ignition: User fills out a form online to attend an in-person event 7 days out.

  1. Immediately after | Email #1 | | Confirmation email
  2. Phone call to confirm & qualify the lead
  3. 2 Days after | Email #2 | Here is what we will cover
  4. 4 Days after | Email #3 | Content email to provide value
  5. 5 Days after | Hard mailer arrives at their home with their event info thanking them for their registration and reminding them of date / time / topic
  6. 6 Days after | Automated Text Reminder goes to their phone

(check out a service called Mobit for this)

  1. 7 Days after – Day Of | Email #4 | Final reminder
  2. 7 Days after – Day Of | Automated Text Reminder goes to their phone

As you can see, there is an abundant amount of contact points made between the time they signed up and the day of the event to help ensure the event stays top of mind and relevant to the user.

The wonderful part about being a marketer today is that you have a wide array of tools at your disposal to automate many of these processes. So you have no excuse to not follow up with your leads! Stay in front of them often and the profits will follow.


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