Why It Pays to Be the Expert

I’m sure you have someone or some organization within your industry that you keep up with. You read their articles, you watch their videos, and maybe you even purchase something from them here and there. So ask yourself, “Why do I seek out their information more than others?” The answer is quite simple. They have tactically positioned themselves as the authority and go-to thought leader in their industry. By doing so, they attract more of their ideal client or customer and they can charge more for their services & products. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some examples of expert positioning and how to apply them to your business.

In the digital landscape where anyone can write anything at any time, social proof has become almost invaluable to businesses that operate online. Social proof can come in many forms:

  • Testimonials
  • As-Seen-On logos
  • Case studies
  • Reviews on Google
  • Average customer rating

These bits of social proof serve as key trust builders for those who are not familiar with you or your brand. For example, let’s say you’re looking for new bed frames online. You do some searching and it comes down to two frames. They are similar in cost, but when you read the reviews, one has 20 positive reviews and the other has a singe 2-star rating. Our minds instantly interpret that the first frame must be a better buy.  Though we don’t know any of the people who left the reviews, their comments and testimonials create the social proof we needed to make an informed decision.

Kim has a great example of as-seen-on social proof right on the main page of our site. As a speaker and thought leader in the digital marketing industry, she has been featured on several well-known stations and in professional publications. These affiliations help build trust with those new to the site or to our brand, and set Kim up as the expert in her field.


Have you been featured in any publications, websites, or podcasts? If so, be sure to utilize them and build off the trust contained in those brands.

You can also use your ad copy to position yourself as the expert and authority. Let’s look at this great example from Ron LeGrand. Strong copy sets Ron up to the be the A1 authority when it comes to flipping homes.

If you follow the ad through to the landing page, it is full of testimonials and credentials that build upon the bold statement made in the ad itself. He reiterates his qualifications and why you should listen to him.






Why should people listen to you over the other guy? You want to give them compelling reasons to take your advice. By reiterating your qualifications and why they should care about your message, you set yourself up as the go-to figure in your field.

Here’s another great example of ad copy that positions someone as an expert. Financial advisors are using copy like this to fill rooms full of people for their seminars. The copy presents the speaker as an expert or educator in that niche of financial planning. By doing so, we are able to spur action from online users and turn them into butts-in-seats.

The best part about being the expert in your field is that people are willing to pay more for your services. When you are in this position, your opinion holds more value in the eyes of the end consumer. So by leveraging social proof and solid ad copy, you can effectively charge more for the same services your already provide. The best part? People will be chomping at the bit to work with you!


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