If you want to get an endless supply of qualified leads, fill the empty appointment slots on your calendar and never wonder where your next client is going to come from, this case study may be the most enlightening thing you read all year.

Most business owners find themselves in the same situation that our client, Stephen Oliver, did.

Stephen Oliver is the go-to guy for martial arts school owners who want to grow their studios. Stephen provides the exact strategies and resources studio owners need to grow their schools, fill their classes with students, and make the money they deserve.

He runs successful seminars all over the country and has a unique membership program giving these school owners all of the tools they need to experience explosive growth.

Even though Stephen already had an established business, there were still regular gaps in his calendar. Of those appointments that he did schedule, 2/3 of them ended up not being qualified candidates for his services.

Knowing that booking appointments and adding new clients were the lifeblood of his business, he needed a way to consistently fill those empty slots with prospects who were a good match for his services.   

When he came to us, Stephen had already tried several different ways, including using Facebook, to fill his calendar but was unable to crack the code on scaling qualified leads.

After making 3 simple changes, Stephen is now easily bringing in thousands of new leads, booking hundreds of qualified appointments and signing dozens of them into high-paying clients consistently each month.

I’m going to quickly show you how he did it and how you can too.

He segmented his messaging

Stephen already knew he had multiple target markets, the problem was that he was sending the same message to each group. After segmenting his messaging and tailoring it to each group, he doubled the number of appointments he was getting each WEEK.

He qualified prospects before the meeting

Gone were the days of meeting with prospects who had more time than money and couldn’t hire him even if they were the perfect fit! By adding qualifiers to his funnel, he was able to hand-pick the clients that were a perfect match for his business.

He implemented the EDG Social Appointment System



Using our proprietary 3-Step EDG Social Appointment System, Stephen was able to find and attract his ideal clients, get them to request a consultation with him and his team, and sit back while his calendar generously filled up with appointments.

In just 60 days, Stephen had already generated 1810 new leads which resulted in 273 QUALIFIED appointments – without adding a minute of extra work to his schedule.

He no longer had to worry about the dreaded empty calendar slots.

He didn’t have to meet with people who couldn’t afford him or weren’t ready for his services.

All he had to do was focus on what he does best, while this simple system easily, consistently and reliably hand-delivered him new clients each and every month.


Now You May Be Asking Yourself, Will This Really Work in My Industry?


The short answer is yes, but don’t take my word for it. We have dozens and dozens of testimonials on file at our obvious, but we obviously don’t have time or space to go through them all today.

But I will give you two other examples to help illustrate this that system gets the results that you’re looking for.


Case #1: The Finance Industry

Our client is a loan settlement company dedicated to helping terminal cancer patients get access to their life insurance money while they’re still alive to cover anything from treatments and hospital bills to regular household bills, travel expenses, or even to take time off of work allowing them to spend their days with family or take their dream vacation without worrying about bills.

Before working with us, their current cost per lead was roughly $210 using a variety of marketing mediums (print, YouTube ads, Google ads, etc.) and the quality of those leads was questionable.

Because their services have strict requirements, they needed to increase the number of qualified leads coming in each month and decrease the overall acquisition cost.

In just 60 days after implementing the EDG Social Appointment System™, they had generated 2,795 new leads at just $51.58!

That’s a 75.4% decrease in cost per lead!

Better yet, they gained 42 new clients giving them a potential revenue of $419,300.00.


Case #2: The Technology Industry

After struggling with converting a list of old leads into buyers, Technology Marketing Toolkit came to us looking to get these warm leads into a consultation in order to turn them into new clients.

Using EDG Social Appointment System™, they were able to get 533 consultation requests at $78.05 each!

This simple system has helped dozens of other business owners, both b2c and b2b, from ALL industries to generate hundreds, even THOUSANDS of new appointments every single month.

It’s easy. It’s effective. It works.

Need More Qualified Appointments?

CLICK HERE to schedule your free ROI Session.

You Might Be Wondering, How Can I Get These Same Results??

Up until now, this game-changing system has been exclusively for a select group of Elite Digital Group clients  but for the first time ever… we’re opening this program up for savvy business owners like you who want a set-it-and-forget-it system to bring in an endless stream of new leads like clockwork.

If you’re interested in an easier way to book up your calendar with qualified appointments, the EDG Social Appointment System might be right for you, but first, let me tell you who this is NOT for…

If you have a brand new business and aren’t really sure what type of clients you’d want to work with, this might not be for you. It also typically isn’t the right fit for entrepreneurs who are doing below six figures in annual revenue.

However if you’re like Stephen and have been in business for a few years, zeroed in on your ideal client and are ready to go from a small number of appointments a month to getting hundreds of qualified leads (or as many as you need) signing up while you sleep, this system will work for you.

While this program EASILY can add  5 or even 6 figures a month in revenue for a business, just like it did for Stephen and many, many others, of course it does require an investment. So If you’re not at the point where you’re ready, this is probably isn’t right for you quite yet but we’d love to talk to you when the time is right.

Finally, if you’re already fully booked out, this system is probably not for you. Most of our clients see new appointments come in within a few days or even a few HOURS of launching the campaign. This means if you don’t have the availability to be getting a couple of new appointments every day, we should still talk to see when the timing is right or what needs to be done to scale your business!

So, if this sounds like YOU and you’re ready to start filling your calendar with qualified leads, signing new clients, and making the money you know you’re capable of, book your FREE ROI Session to discover exactly how the EDG Social Appointment System can be a game-changer in your business.

During your 30 minute call, you and our Director of Client Strategy will determine…

  • Who you should be targeting for the highest ROI
  • The best strategy for you to reach them
  • What your potential ROI could be if this system is the right fit for your business
  • How you can implement the EDG Social Appointment System™ and start booking high-quality appointments in the next 30 days

And that’s just a small sample of what you’ll go over while talking.

Need More Qualified Appointments?

CLICK HERE to schedule your free ROI Session.

By Now You’re Probably Wondering What Something Like This Costs.

Because this time is incredibly valuable and these systems can EASILY bring in 5 or 6 figures A MONTH in additional revenue, we could easily charge $250 or MORE for this call, but right now we’re offering it to you at no cost and no obligation as long as you take action now.

That means there’s absolutely zero cost to get started. If we find that the EDG Social Appointment System™ is a good fit for your business, we’ll work through how many appointments you’re looking to get and determine exactly what that pricing structure will be on the call. You’ll leave with everything you need to know to make a great decision for your business!

Don’t you owe it to yourself to see if this is what you’ve been waiting for?

To discover how the EDG Social Appointment System, schedule your FREE ROI Session by clicking here now.


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    Of course we can translate for those who needs.
    But , I don’t Know if it’s effective With tour system.
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