How To Clone Your Ideal Customers on Facebook

With the latest changes to Facebook’s targeting setup, many business owners, marketers and advertisers fear that they won’t be able to effectively reach their ideal prospects on Facebook anymore.

While that may in some part be true in regards of big data targeting, there’s still one method that has been highly underutilized for years. It’s not only wildly effective in bringing in new leads at a low cost, but it doesn’t require any fancy tech “know-how” and can be setup in minutes.

What is this targeting titan? It’s lookalike audiences. If you’ve ever wished you could “clone” your perfect customer, this is how you do it on Facebook.

Lookalike audiences allow you to create a new pool of potential prospects using a previously successful source such as a buyers list, your email list or even people who engage with your content on social media.

And the best part, Facebook does all of the heavy lifting. You simply choose what audience you want to “clone” and where you want them to be located and Facebook’s algorithm goes out and finds people who are similar to these people.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: You define your custom source. Go into ads managed and select “Audience” from the drop down menu. Then select “Custom Audience.”

Here are a custom audiences you can “clone” on Facebook:

  • Your website traffic – find other people who are exactly like the ones already taking action on your website
  • You page fans – you’ve carefully curated a following on Facebook and now you can double it by finding people exactly like your current fan group
  • People taking action – You can create custom lists by what action people take. If you upload a list of buyers, Facebook will source other people with similar demographics and behaviors as them to find people who are most likely to buy from you.
  • Your email subscribers – who has already said “yes!” they want to hear from you? Upload your email, mobile and mailing lists to find others who match your audience profile
  • Engagement – Are people engaging with your content? Watching your videos… commenting on your posts? Attending your offline events or using your apps? Clone them.


Step 2: Go back in and this time select “Lookalike audience”

Chose the custom audience your just defined:

Select the location you want them to be in:

Set the audience range (This is how similar you want them to be. We usually stick with 1 – 2%).

Step 3: Click “Create Audience.” Your audience will populate and it’s launch time!

Creating lookalike audiences is one way to get around the new Facebook changes and continue running wildly successful campaigns.

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