There’s an old marketing saying, “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

If they don’t buy on the first try, call ‘em.

And then email them.

And maybe even mail them a letter or fancy oversized postcard.

These are all successful strategies for turning a list of qualified leads into active buyers. But there’s one additional “follow-up” strategy that often gets overlooked and can mean leaving thousands of dollars of revenue on the table…

It’s called retargeting.

Retargeting is a smart marketer’s secret weapon to convert all of those “window shoppers” who visit your website but didn’t give you their information into paying customers.

Let’s take a minute to look at the facts. According to, a high-converting landing page is anything over 11.45%. That means, if 100 people visit your landing page, roughly 11 of them will give you their information. This leaves 89 people who are interested in your product to walk way, never to be seen again. 89 people!

They were obviously interested in the offer, but maybe they got distracted? Or maybe they just weren’t sure? Or maybe they saw it on their phone and said they’d come back. People don’t buy on the first touch for many different reasons and retargeting allows us to present them with additional opportunities to take action.

Here’s a few ways to use retargeting with your ad campaigns to convert more of these “warmed up” leads (aka people who are aware they have a problem and that you have a solution) into paying customers.

  • Retarget Website traffic – Whether you’re sending traffic to blogs or other resources on your site or getting visitors from organic search, your website is creating a pool of warm leads that you can use to create a custom audience on Facebook. These peeps are already familiar with you and your products and services which will increase the likelihood of them taking action in the second round.
  • Retarget specific landing pages with same offer – If you’re running a campaign and visitors land on the page but don’t take action, you can create an audience out of that group and use ads to send them back to later on.

Ex. Here’s a campaign we use for one of our clients to drive traffic back to the offer:

  • Retarget on different channels – Use audience network opportunities to create an “omni-presence” with you’re ads. If your ad is showing up at the bottom of a Forbes or a Business Week blog article, your potential prospect who may have been on the edge about taking action before will likely view this as more credible because it’s now being associated with other brands they trust.

So, as the saying goes, “the fortune IS in the follow-up,” just make sure that you have the right campaigns in place to follow-up with all of your traffic. If you would want to put these campaigns in place in your own business and avoid letting warm leads slip through the cracks, click here to schedule a time to chat with Claire, our Director of Client Strategy, and we’ll help find the best ROI retargeting strategy for you.


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